Haven’t I Paid

by Digital Diaspora



Fusing afro-beat with down-home country soul, Digital Diaspora’s “Haven’t I Paid” takes lyrical aim at the money we pay for drone strikes, the surveillance state, police bullets and other weaponry in the arsenal of this evil empire.


Haven’t I Paid

I payed for the bullet in your back
I payed for the bombers & the drone attacks
I payed for the wars for minerals & oil
& I'm paying for the poisons in the air & soil

seems like i gotta pay more every day
for the fear of terrorist & TSA
I pay for my rights to be whittled away
while I pay for the tazers & the pepper-spray

& i just got say…
& i just got say…

[ * Haven't i payed?
Haven't i payed?
Haven't i payed? it feels like I've been paying all my days

Haven't i payed?
Haven't i payed?
Haven't i payed? it seems like I'll be paying all my days
seems like I'll be paying all my days * ]

I payed for the swindles & the bail outs
anyone can see & there should be no doubt
I payed for the credit default swaps
seen the profits boom as the economy drops
I payed the bill for the oil spill & of course,
I payed for this corrupt police force
& i just got say…
& i just got say…
[ * ]
payed the salaries of some plutocrats
the oligarchy,& the technocrats ,
some neo-cons, & hegemonic maniacs
& don't see what I'm really getting for that

payed for the chem-trails but had no choice
complained to my congressman who never heard my voice
paid for the crimes of the FDA
who's priority is to look the other way
[ * ]
………… in so many ways
[ * ]

Music and Lyrics - Gregory Kage


released November 13, 2017
Mikel Banks [SpiritHood] - Vocals / Freakaphone / Flute
Shawn Banks - Acoustic & Electronic Percussions / Gongo~Tron / Electronics
Gregory Kage - Guitar / Bass / Samples / Production
David "Fearsome" Pearson - Saxophones
Faro Z -  MC / Electronics
ill Supremo - Drum Kit


all rights reserved



Digital Diaspora New York, New York

Ascending to the future while remaining connected to it's roots , the Afrotronic sounds of Digital Diaspora weave technology & Funk with an assortment of electronic gadgets & live instruments, into hipnotic and gritty grooves that gets butts & minds movin....... ... more

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